20 Years of Graphic Art & Design

Lewis Design began back in 1997. Sketches and final art were sent to clients by courier and UPS either on paper or on CDs. The internet was in its infancy and accessed at a snail’s pace via “dial-up.” Files were backed up on Syquest or Zip drives. Lewis Design has adapted with the times and accomplished much in 20 years. Contact us for any of your illustration, graphic design, or web development needs.

New Illustration Self-Promotion Mailer

Things Ron detests, using colored pencil.
Things Ron Swanson detests, using colored pencil.

Here is a new illustration for a self-promotion postcard mailer that is being sent out at the end of January 2014. It is a caricature of Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation on NBC. The text around the character represents some of the things he intensely detests, such as “Skim milk is water that is lying about being milk.”

The final art was created using pencil and colored pencil. Of course, the final artwork was scanned and cleaned up using image editing software.

Aviation Fiscal Cliff Illustration

Aviation Fiscal Cliff
Aviation Fiscal Cliff

Here is a new illustration for Aviation International News for their upcoming issue. The story is on unresolved fiscal issues raising questions for aviation. I have included a couple sketches leading up to the final art. The initial sketch was a wire frame sketch created in illustrator. In order to provide more drama and interest the perspective was altered for the subsequent pencil sketch. The final art was created using the pencil sketch as template reference in Illustrator for wire-framing and coloring. It was exported to Photoshop for additional shading and effects.