“John Lewis is our go-to freelance graphic designer for AIN publications. We can count on his versatile talents, attention to detail and consummate professionalism to deliver fabulous layouts to spec and on time, everytime.”

Lysbeth McAleer
Production Director
AIN Publications



“John Lewis has been a freelance designer for LPG Greetings, Inc. since 2001. He was initially chosen from a vast field of artists/designers to create greeting cards for our company for several reasons.

On the technical side, John showed an unparalleled ability to create appealing art in both new inventive styles as well as more traditional precise graphic styles. He was a knowledgeable and helpful consultant in the development of print options for his designs.

For more than ten years, LPG Greetings, Inc. has found John to be highly creative, efficient, and committed to detail and deadlines. He remains as strongly motivated and creative as he was over ten years ago when we first met him. We look forward to a relationship that will continue for many more years.”

Judy Cecchi
Creative Director
LPG Greetings, Inc.



” I found John Lewis through a friend who had an amazing watermark designed by John that I admired. I can’t begin to say how thrilled I am to have been introduced to his work. John spent several hours with me discussing my vision for what I wanted…he offered suggestions and brought his years of experience to the table and truly listened to what I had in mind….the final outcome was amazing, I couldn’t be happier. His vision for me and how to use my watermark in promotions will enhance my business for years to come. I highly recommend John and Lewis Design for anyone just starting a business or looking to revamp your current business’ professional look, you won’t be sorry you decided to work with him, truly the go to guy for all your business’ creative and graphic needs!

Kathleen Downey



“I’ve worked with John on a variety of projects for over twenty years. He’s a talented, conceptual designer and a pleasure to work with. What John brings to the table can only be delivered by someone who has spent years perfecting his craft. I’m looking forward to many more years working with John again in the near future.”

Lou Simeone
Illustrator and Designer




I asked John to design a logo for a men’s ministry that I was creating. John welcomed my vision for the ministry and the concept behind my brand and logo. 
Over a six week period, John answered every one of my questions and produced about two dozen options for me to consider. 

Looking back, it took me over 5-6 weeks of looking at various designs, colors, and schemes etc., only to end up choosing one of his original concepts! It was as if John knew what I wanted more than I did 🙂 

John was very encouraging throughout the process and unbelievably patient with me. Not only did he produce a logo that I am ecstatic about, but he did it all at a very generous price.

I cannot say enough positive things about John. He is a man of integrity and his professional and cordial spirit make him very comfortable to work with. 

I highly recommend John for any kind of logo design. I guarantee you will be pleased because your satisfaction is his utmost priority!

John Lewis is a fantastic graphic designer. 
Mike Pagana
Life Coach and Pastoral Counselor


“Before Hailey’s Hope Foundation began with Lewis Design, I witnessed John’s tremendous artistic talent first hand in his artwork at church. After learning about his web design experience, I quickly approached him with the intention of discussing a website design for my family’s charity. He was knowledgeable and efficient. We had a proposal within days that was above and beyond our expectations. We hired him immediately. He worked hard to create an attractive and effective web design that would help us spread our mission quickly and also enable us to raise money immediately. We were very impressed with Lewis Design’s customer service, skills and dedication.

Now in our fourth year with Lewis Design, John continues to offer suggestions and creative ideas throughout the process of adding numerous pages and features to our website to keep it fresh. Our experience has been fantastic and we highly recommend Lewis Design. It has been a pleasure working so closely with John every step of the way.”

Debra Randazzo
Hailey’s Hope Foundation